NorthWest Response & Environmental Consulting

Training Course Information

  • Spill Response:  A hands-on field training course that prepares you for fuel related spills that enter the environment.  You will learn how to properly assess an incident, who to notify with what information, chemical characteristics, how to meet due diligence, containment techniques for water in creeks, ditches, other tributaries, land based spills, clean up and disposal issues. 
  • EMS: In this course you will become familiar with the process of developing and implementing an environmental management system to the ISO 14001 Standard.  Understanding risk ranking, policy, procedures, objectives and targets, communication, records, checking and corrective action, measuring and monitoring, management review and more to ensure continual improvement.
  • TDG: The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations covers a lot of material.  To ensure that the proper information is presented, NWR ensures that the specific needs of the students are addressed so that proper means of containment issues are understood, safety markings, exemptions for specific products, Equivalent Level of Safety Permits, documentation are all properly explained for the specific industrial application.  
  • Fuel Guidelines:  NWR updated the 8th Edition of the BC Fuel Guidelines (2018) that summarize the legislative criteria, codes of practice as well as industrial standards for fuel handling, transportation and storage.  This training course covers the BC Fuel Guidelines in detail and provides opportunity for students to ask lots of questions.